Environmental health professionals are responsible to their supervisors, primarily educating the public on relevant aspects of environmental sanitation. This responsibility is in accordance with the policies and regulations laid down by the Division of Environmental and Occupational Health, Ministry of Health, and backed by the public health laws of the Republic of Liberia. The environmental health professional utilizes four strategies: enforcement of standards, education, persuasion and motivation, and legal action. Primarily, the Environmental Health Board works alongside the Environmental Health Association to ensure that the mandate of the board is implemented accordingly.

The board also collaborates with the Ministry of Health, NGOs, and INGOs in implementing environmental health activities to ensure that licensed environmental health professionals are incorporated into the system. The Environmental Health Board also collaborates with other government agencies involved in environmental health activities.

As a forward-looking organization, we recognize that Environmental Health practice plays a pivotal role in safeguarding human well-being and the natural world. Our team of dedicated professionals is driven by the firm belief that a healthier environment leads to healthier communities, and we are steadfast in pursuing this noble objective.

To achieve our goals, we place a strong emphasis on both practice and education. Through innovative environmental health initiatives and comprehensive training programs, we equip our community with the knowledge and skills to address emerging challenges effectively.

At the Liberia Environmental Health Board, we believe that every individual's well-being is intertwined with the health of the environment we inhabit. As such, we advocate for sustainable practices that strike a harmonious balance between development and conservation. Promoting eco-friendly policies and regulating technicians' responsible behavior pave the way for a brighter future full of promise and vitality.

Together, we can elevate Environmental Health practices, bolster public health in Liberia, and build a thriving nation that cherishes the health and prosperity of its people. Thank you for visiting us, and we look forward to collaborating with you in creating a healthier, happier Liberia for generations to come.

Environmental Health Board Mandates

Determine the standard of knowledge and skills required by individuals seeking to become members of the profession of environmental health and improve those standards as circumstances permit.
Conduct professional examinations and award certificates or diplomas to successful candidates as appropriate. The Board shall prescribe fees to be paid in respect thereof and perform other functions conferred on the board by this Act.
Ensure that individuals meeting the provisions are registered under this Act as members of the profession and publish lists of those registered from time to time.
Establish and review a code of conduct the board considers desirable for effective environmental health practice.
Register and license individuals and cooperate with ramifications of environmental health practice.
Charge practicing fees as determined by the Board.

Our Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Mutual respect for diversity
  • Passion
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)